Hood Wood Floors – Renovation and Restoration

Restore your wooden floor!

We offer a renovating service which involves sanding wooden floors and restoring them by advising and finishing with an oil or varnish of your choice. We have a wide range to choose from, depending on the type of floor you have.  You would be amazed at what a transformation it can be to strip off the old layers of  dirt and varnish and uncover the beautiful natural wood floor and treat it with natural oil or an integrated light stain and top treatment.   No job is too big or too small – just email or call us to talk it over. We have recently sanded a highly unusual dark red old tropical floor in a living room in a beautiful Victorian house and a few months earlier you would have found us in the pub! Not drinking, but restoring a modern solid wood floor which had been damaged and abused. Don’t make the mistake of going for the cheapest quote – make sure your restoration team know what they are talking about, then you will be making an investment in an asset which will retain its beauty for years.

In addition to our regular work in Bristol, Bath and Somerset, we have recently renovated three completely contrasting floors in the Cotswolds and regularly work in London and further afield. We can restore your wooden floor to better than its former glory. We use our expertise in sanding techniques and our knowledge of which oils and treatments suit particular solid wood floors. Getting a good-as-new solid wood floor takes patience and experience. We will always finish the floor with small hand tools, taking care to produce the extra quality which you and your guests will recognise as a “proper job” as we say in Bristol! Sand your floor with the experts, treat your floor with the experts and you will be delighted for years to come.

Whether your existing floor is a tropical hardwood floor or a maple parquet floor or an old oak floor. You’ll be pleased you talked to us.

Look what you’re standing on every day and transform it into something amazing!