Fitting wood floors in Bristol, Somerset and the Cotswolds

Fitting wood floors in Bristol?

As you can tell by our name we specialise in the supply and fit of wood floors. We have a wide range of experience in Domestic and Commercial settings. We’ve laid wooden floors in a wide variety of locations from restaurant chains and department stores to new build and old properties.  We are happy to offer design advice when you are deciding on a type of wood or finish. Having built up good business relationships with suppliers within the UK and abroad over the last 10 years, we are confident that if you have found a type of wood you like we can offer a better price and sometimes a superior product than if you were to search yourself.

Fitting wood floors and supplying solid wood flooring is a skilful business and we take care and a lot of trouble to make sure your hardwood floor will look great and last a long time.  It’s the detail of the expert work and the thought that goes into it beforehand which separates a beautiful floor from the rest. You are going to live with it for a long time so let us talk to you beforehand, really find out what you want and take the time necessary to make your floor a beautiful floor.

We specialise in fitting floors neatly into their surroundings. It might be a feature threshold making a smooth transition from wood to tile, slate or carpet. Or maybe you want an “invisible” join around a wooden pillar. Or slipping the floor under difficult skirtings or around an architectural feature such as a pier, kitchen island or wood stove. We can advise on the best way to tackle staircases, spiral or straight. Even when renovating solid wood floors, we take care and pay attention to detail. Sanding wood floors is about a lot more than hiring a big machine! We will hand finish with small hand power tools and we know the best finishes to use to bring up the natural beauty of your floor.

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