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Oak Flooring, Bristol, hardwood at its best

Oak floor contrasts

The contrast between this wooden floor and the oak floors we installed in Henleaze in Bristol gives a dramatic example of how adaptable this hard-wearing and beautiful natural wooden flooring material can be.  Here the light furniture and the white décor go together with the fine features and vivid grain of the oak to give the whole room a “Shaker” feel.  Precise, light, just right!

Oak Floors supplied and installed in Bristol by Hood Wood Floors

How versatile oak flooring can be! Only a wooden floor can give you such a rich background to your living areas or bedroom. Dark oak floors or light oak floors … it’s your choice. You can be confident that your furniture will look good with your high quality, long lasting oak floor. Unlike other flooring materials, a high class wood floor will add value to your home – if you look after it and it is really easy to do … (have a browse around the site to see floors we installed eleven years ago and looking as good as new!) your floor will last for more than a human lifetime and will still look good in many years time, whether you are selling your property or handing it on to future generations.

Solid wood floors, Bristol …. Bishopston crazy elm!

This elm floor shows the wonderful variety of pattern available. Dutch Elm Disease decimated our native elms, unfortunately. But a side effect of this was a wide variety of colours, patterns and “crazing” in the boards made from the trees. They are still as strong and last lasting as ever, by the way. Pin knots, burrs and other features are common in this wood. Note how the variation in plank width makes this floor more interesting and matches the funky patterns.

Elm floor, Bristol Wood Floors, Bishopston Bristol

One client of ours moved into a house with hardboard laid upstairs. When they ripped up a bit of the hardboard to look underneath they discovered thick wide elm boards hundreds of years old – buried treasure! If you have an old elm floor in need of some love and attention, don’t even think about covering it up – call us in and we will bring your treasure to life.

Solid Wood Floor, Maple in Stroud, 2003-2014. Looking great 11 years later!

We originally installed this solid wooden floor in 2003 and recently returned to give it a light sand and recoat it with oil.  Eleven years after the original installation, in a heavily used location, an open plan kitchen diner, the floor still looks great.  There were several interesting features to this job – a threshold border between slate and maple, several highly visible surrounds around the wooden posts supporting the pale, oiled spiral staircase and a surround for the feature wood stove.  We were really pleased to see that all these features were still looking good and the owners were delighted with the “good as new” look we achieved with the maintenance.  We renovated and re-oiled the Scandinavian wooden staircase while we were there too.  These pictures were all taken 11 years after the original installation.

Maple floor in Stroud - threshold border between slate and maple, several highly visible surrounds around the wooden posts supporting the pale, oiled spiral staircase and a surround for the feature wood stove.        top view of the maple floor in Stroud, showing the Scandinavian staircase

Maple – organic beauty, natural strength

Note the variation on widths and lengths of the solid maple boards. You may not notice it at first but many of us unconsciously prefer variety in pattern and placement. Perhaps because the natural world is full of variety and we have evolved to think of natural thing as beautiful. So the whirls and knots in a maple floor, the dark and light shades and the ever changing grain in a natural, solid, wood floor remind us of the organic and irregular shapes of nature. Perhaps why we can immediately see the value of a lifelong wood floor over cheap plasticised laminate flooring.

staircase-down-maple1         ground-10-1

Maple floors have been used for years in schools, town halls and sports centres. Have you ever stopped to think what is under your feet on the badminton or squash court? And the good news is that the irregular patterns and grains which will look so good in your house are not wanted by the sports centres, who prefer the bland and uniform look. So much more beauty left for you!


Add value to your home with a maple floor

You couldn’t make a better investment than a hardwood floor. You can see more of this beautiful maple floor which we installed in the Cotswold town of Stroud in Gloucestershire.

This floor is also featured on the Springhill Cohousing web site.

Engineered Birch Floor, Stroud

We fitted this birch floor in Gloucestershire back in 2003. We recently (2014!) visited and took some photos – it still looks great! A few scratches from pushing wooden chairs back and forth but you can only see them if you get down on your hands and knees. If we gave this a light sanding and a coat of oil it would be better than new as it has aged beautifully. But the owners are happy with it just as it is.

Birch engineered board, beautiful floor, long lasting, hard wearing, good looking.       Beautiful birch floor, high quality engineered board fitted in bedroom and still looking great ten years after we originally fitted it

Maple Floor, Stroud

Maple makes a beautiful floor with a contemporary feel.
Maple is extremely hard wearing and is often used in wooden floors for sports halls and indoor sports such as squash.
One very interesting facet of maple floors is that the top grade maple floors can be very bland as they are designed for these sports or commercial settings, but the second grade maple (though it can take a little longer to install) can be beautifully figured with intricate grain, knots and minor imperfections which when carefully sanded and oiled look very attractive in a domestic setting.

tokitchen       this modern maple floor fits in perfectly with the spiral staircase and picks up the light from the south facing windows

A rare case of the cheaper material looking better than the more expensive!

Maple floor installed in the Cotswold town of Stroud, Gloucestershire by Bristol Wood Floors
Maple gives a light and modern feel to homes such as this.


The photos above were taken in 2003.  Eleven years after the initial installation we went back to see how the wooden floor was looking and give it a light sanding and some more coats of oil.
See how this maple floor looked after 11 years of hard wear.

Oak floors, Bristol … music room

Another lovely wooden floor made of oak.  The rich colour gives a great background to the traditional feel of this music and drawing room in Long Ashton, Bristol.  Beautiful wide boards and a richly figured grain make it the perfect companion to the traditional furniture.

Oak floor at Long Ashton supplied and installed by Hood Wood Floors of Bristol

The versatility and variety of oak is well shown by the contrast between this and the lighter oak floor we installed in Henleaze and the Shaker style of the oak floor we installed in St George.