Maple Floor, Stroud

Maple makes a beautiful floor with a contemporary feel.
Maple is extremely hard wearing and is often used in wooden floors for sports halls and indoor sports such as squash.
One very interesting facet of maple floors is that the top grade maple floors can be very bland as they are designed for these sports or commercial settings, but the second grade maple (though it can take a little longer to install) can be beautifully figured with intricate grain, knots and minor imperfections which when carefully sanded and oiled look very attractive in a domestic setting.

tokitchen       this modern maple floor fits in perfectly with the spiral staircase and picks up the light from the south facing windows

A rare case of the cheaper material looking better than the more expensive!

Maple floor installed in the Cotswold town of Stroud, Gloucestershire by Bristol Wood Floors
Maple gives a light and modern feel to homes such as this.


The photos above were taken in 2003.  Eleven years after the initial installation we went back to see how the wooden floor was looking and give it a light sanding and some more coats of oil.
See how this maple floor looked after 11 years of hard wear.