Solid wood floors, Bristol …. Bishopston crazy elm!

This elm floor shows the wonderful variety of pattern available. Dutch Elm Disease decimated our native elms, unfortunately. But a side effect of this was a wide variety of colours, patterns and “crazing” in the boards made from the trees. They are still as strong and last lasting as ever, by the way. Pin knots, burrs and other features are common in this wood. Note how the variation in plank width makes this floor more interesting and matches the funky patterns.

Elm floor, Bristol Wood Floors, Bishopston Bristol

One client of ours moved into a house with hardboard laid upstairs. When they ripped up a bit of the hardboard to look underneath they discovered thick wide elm boards hundreds of years old – buried treasure! If you have an old elm floor in need of some love and attention, don’t even think about covering it up – call us in and we will bring your treasure to life.