Hood Wood Floors is a family business based in Bristol that specialises in the supply and installation of an extensive range of oak floors and other high quality wooden flooring. We pride ourselves on our precise workmanship and the high quality of our finishes. We source wood from a variety of suppliers around the world. If sustainability is high on your agenda, talk to us and we will ensure where possible that the materials we use are from sustainable sources. You might want to look particularly at ever popular oak flooring or fast growing Maple or Bamboo and Acacia floors. Have a look at our web site and then talk to us. We are happy to come and visit you to talk over your requirements - no charge!

Our Features

Experienced solid wood floor fitters

Solid wood floors, Bristol? You're in the right place! Whether you are looking for a classic light or dark oak floor, a beautiful contemporary maple floor with complex grain and figuring, an Acacia floor with the swooping grain and flashes of light and shade or a classy modern Bamboo floor, we have experience of fitting them. Whether you choose solid wood or high quality engineered board, we can advise you and discuss pre-finished products and treatments. We are delighted to renovate your floor too - if it is just five years old and needs a quick sand and re-oiling to preserve its beauty or if it has been neglected for 30 years and needs a full restoration job, we have experience of all types of renovation. Have a look around this web site at the different examples of our work and the different types of wood flooring available or Talk to us!
More details of phone numbers and how to get in touch with us at our Contact Hood Wood Floors page.

Sustainable Sourcing

Sustainability in timber is complicated. If you are concerned not to deplete the rainforests then you might want to choose traditional Maple (surprisingly quick growing and often sourced from Canada or the USA) or oak floors or look at the amazingly prolific Bamboo and Acacia - often from Australia or Thailand - we have experience in sourcing and fitting all three of these. There are loads of other specialist and niche woods available. If you want to know more about Lesser Known Species (LKS) then a good place to start might be the Forest Stewardship Council. Or talk to us, we are always happy to discuss individual needs and do some research on your behalf.

Family Firm

Did we mention that Bristol-based Hood Wood Floors is a true family business? Brothers Spike and Jethro Hood have lived in Bristol all their lives and have a wealth of experience in the building trade and a great network of local, reliable colleagues in all the crafts and trades. With over 15 years experience in the flooring industry fitting all types of floors in domestic and commercial settings including carpet, vinyl and laminate, we now specialise in supplying and fitting oak floors and other high quality wood floors and enjoy tackling bespoke requests too.

Bespoke Requests

We are happy to deal with unusual or bespoke wood flooring requests. You may want to bridge a threshold between different types of flooring or renovate a wooden spiral staircase or install a matching wood surround when putting in a stove. Talk to us! email: talk@bristolwoodfloors.com. More details of phone numbers and how to get in touch with us at our Contact Hood Wood Floors page.     Hood Wood Floors. Oak Floors and Wood Flooring Bristol - the experts in hardwood and oak floor installation, renovation and maintenance. Talk to us!

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